The global pandemic has caused a huge upheaval of life as we know it, causing a massive rethink of Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) strategies. Adapting your PPC strategy during unprecedented times is crucial to ensure you don’t burn a hole in the budget. We love to impart our wisdom, so here are four tips on how you should respond to significant market changes.

1. Don’t Give Up

We’ve seen lots of businesses pulling their PPC budgets and focusing on their SEO until the marketplace stabilises. One thing we want to get clear right from the start; don’t turn off your PPC. By doing so, you’re essentially switching off a key source of your sales.

Take the current pandemic as an example. Just because the market has experienced a huge change, that doesn’t mean your target audience isn’t online looking for a solution to their needs. Even though they may appear to be in hibernation, customers are still active online. In fact, they’re more active than ever due to government restrictions. To make PPC even more attractive, the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on your keywords may have fallen due to reduced advertising activity from your competition.

2. Create A New Campaign Immediately

During unprecedented times, the businesses that grow are often the ones that launch new campaigns first. Responding quickly to new conditions is crucial because it allows you to connect with your customers with relevant messaging before your competition.

When it comes to PPC, we strongly believe that not taking a risk is the biggest risk you can take. If you don’t try, you’ll never achieve anything. In unprecedented times, nobody knows what will work. If you test a new campaign and it doesn’t work, you can make changes to improve it, or kill the campaign and learn from it. The best case scenario is that your campaign works and you get the results you desire.

3. Only The Strongest Will Survive

During times of uncertainty, we’d recommend that you pause any campaigns that haven’t been doing well up until this point. It’s highly unlikely that weak campaigns are suddenly going to start performing well during a time where market confidence is lower than usual. Pausing and dumping underperforming campaigns will rescue some of your budget, which you can reinvest in new campaigns and existing ones that show strong performance.

4. Revise Your Ad Copy

If you created your PPC campaigns before the pandemic hit and haven’t revisited the ad copy, you’ve got a problem. Chances are your content is outdated and needs to be modified to reflect the current situation. You could update your ads to indicate how your business has responded to the challenging circumstances and how you’re continuing to fulfil your customers’ needs.

Partner With Us And Get More Leads

When the market changes in a way that impacts your customers, you can’t just let your PPC campaigns run without changing them at all. You need to act quickly to adjust them based on the emerging market conditions. If you partner with us, we’ll manage every aspect of your PPC and ensure that your campaigns are continually optimised. Our PPC gurus will make sure that your messaging is spot-on and relevant in light of market changes. While your competition are pulling back their PPC budgets, you’ll be gaining more leads than ever with our help.

If you’d like us to adapt your PPC strategy, please get in touch.