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The key challenge for Isuzu Trucks UK was low brand awareness and market share.

Aiming to grow their market share in the UK, Isuzu invested in marketing activities including paid search advertising, marketing automation, and email marketing, to increase brand awareness and drive more potential buyers to their website.

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Marketing Services

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When we partnered with Isuzu, their website was outdated and failed to provide a smooth user experience because it was tricky to navigate through their large portfolio of trucks.

Additionally, their website was unsuccessful in generating the volume of incoming leads that they needed because it was not optimised for conversion. As a result, the decision was made to redesign the website with a focus on converting visitors to customers.


Working closely with Isuzu, we redesigned their website, ensuring that their brand and range of trucks were presented in a sophisticated and visually pleasing way. While developing the new website, we ensured it was mobile-friendly and SEO optimised to increase site traffic and brand awareness. By adding calls-to-action throughout the website and implementing a Live Chat, we successfully created new busi- ness opportunities that enabled Isuzu to significantly increase their sales revenue and grow their market share.


In 2018, Isuzu recorded its most successful year of sales ever, recording a 378% increase in sales enquiries, which would not have been achieved without our lead generation expertise. Due to our continued marketing support, Isuzu have beaten their previous sales record every year since 2018. Despite the challenging market conditions, sales enquiries increased by 22% last year compared with 2019.

378% Increase in sales enquiries


Using Paid Search campaigns, we used in-depth keywords to drive targeted traffic to the new website and convert visitors into leads using the Live Chat we set up. In 2020, the paid search campaign we developed and managed for Isuzu received 62,273 clicks from 3,560,477 impressions. Due to our focus on lead generation, we achieved a conversion rate of 1.62% from those clicks, which helped Isuzu have another record-breaking year and cemented our partnership for the foreseeable future.

62,273 Clicks


Due to a combination of PPC, SEO, social media and other marketing activities, we have increased Isuzu’s website traffic by more than 200% since our partnership began. Despite the turbulent year, we continued to provide marketing services during 2020 and recorded 145,712 visitors.

200% Increase since website redesign


Isuzu partnered with us because they had low brand awareness and market share in the UK and needed a website that showcased their portfolio of trucks in a sophisticated fashion. Based on their requirements, we delivered results-driven marketing campaigns across a range of marketing channels, to drive potential buyers to the new website which we designed to generate more enquiries and maximise conversions.

We successfully raised brand awareness, exponentially increased incoming sales enquiries, and accelerated the company’s market growth, establishing Isuzu as a leading manufacturer in the UK. Built on highly bespoke marketing and design support, our partnership with Isuzu has been cemented through year-on-year record-breaking sales figures.


The team have been really good and put in some really good ideas, the Live Chat has been brilliant and really helped us to get value from the website and our marketing. It converts web traffic into enquiries – quality opportunities that turn into truck sales! Our relationship with Growthlabs continues to develop – we are open to their ideas and are now exploring some new avenues with them so that we can continue to grow with their support."

James Emberson

Marketing Manager

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Print Media

Partnering with Artic, we redeveloped their website and significantly enhanced their brand awareness, driving 127% more traffic to the new website while generating qualified leads for the business to follow up on.