6 Tips to Help You Select the Right Marketing or Lead Generation Agency

If you’re thinking about how to drive business growth using external agencies or professional expertise can be a game changer.

Generating more leads, breaking into new markets or increasing the ratio of leads that convert into customers will all have a positive impact on growth and profitability.

But equally, unless you engage with the right agency and commission them to provide expertise in the areas that will make a difference, you might be disappointed.

Here are 6 simple, concise tips to help you choose the right agency or consultancy to help you grow:

1. Understand what the problem REALLY is

If you don’t understand the problem, then you can’t fix it. Common signs that you’re focusing on the wrong areas are:

  • Have used various lead generation tactics and/or suppliers, none of which have been successful.
  • Poor lead quality/low ratio of leads convert into customers.
  • Inbound enquiries are few and far between.

The message here is don’t commission a lead generation campaign if your recent lead generation campaigns have failed.

Keeping trying the same thing and expecting different results won’t get you anywhere. It may not be the implementation of the campaigns at fault, it’s more likely to be a problem with your targeting, brand image or lack of a clear, compelling message.

2. Always bring the conversation back to ROI

There are many benefits of good marketing:

  • Makes lead generation more successful.
  • Enables you to sell on value, not on price.
  • Helps sales convert leads into profitable customers.

Getting Likes and followers on social media may be flattering to your ego, networking and enthusiastically exchanging business cards might give you a buzz because you love being out there, pressing the flesh.

But are they providing ROI?

Whatever marketing method you’re considering, start off with a clear plan about what your objectives are, how you will measure the impact that the different elements and channels have, and how – in time – they will contribute towards delivering ROI.

An agency that doesn’t understand that marketing is about ROI probably doesn’t understand you.

3. Don’t get wowed by jazz hands

By their very nature, marketing agencies often employ personable, engaging, gregarious staff.

But in B2B markets, Buyers tend to be more conservative. So, look past infectious enthusiasm, and push for substance instead.

Great design and creative ideas have their place, for sure, but as part of an overall marketing plan where you carefully map out the marketing assets, you need to influence Buyers and help them overcome their inertia and fears about doing business with you.

4. Don’t confuse tactics with strategy

You may understand exactly where you need to invest to boost lead generation or close more sales.

If you do, great. But if the scope of what you’re trying to achieve is broader – to generate more leads / enable sales to close a greater ratio of leads – then you probably need to develop a strategy first.

This doesn’t need to be expensive and like all investments, it’s about return not cost.

Having a clear strategy and marketing plan should enable you to find better suppliers, by providing them with a clearer brief and ensuring the approach is cohesive and co-ordinated.

5. Beware of one-trick ponies

Sales and marketing has never been more complicated.

Not only have Buyers changed, but the range of channels, tactics and technologies available have grown exponentially.

The most successful marketing campaigns are almost universally integrated across multiple channels, and the most successful sales teams are closely aligned to marketing.

Agencies that have a particular strength or specialism can be great.

But beware of agencies that don’t understand how they fit into the bigger picture, or who don’t make recommendations about integrating themselves with other marketing activity that you or your other agencies are running.

6. Do they understand your Buyers?

There is never an absolute guarantee with any form of sales or marketing. However, experience counts.

Marketing is a cycle of continual testing, measuring and improving. Generating leads with C-suite prospects at corporate businesses for a HR Consultancy will take a different approach to developing an inbound marketing strategy for an online payments provider.

An agency with experience of marketing to similar prospects to yours, and even better, for a similar solution to yours, are more likely to know what works and as importantly, what doesn’t.

Applying their insight and knowledge will help you achieve your objectives more quickly and cost-effectively. Experience is one of the key reasons to use external expertise.

If you’re looking for a B2B agency that can help develop your strategy, and put together a detailed, fully-costed marketing plan that focuses on ROI, Growthlabs can help.

For more information, either call us on 0345 475 0750 or email us at hello@growth-labs.co.uk

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