All Marketing is Content Driven Marketing

Marketing your business is about branding and attracting customers. In today’s digital climate you can’t afford to remain silent. Above the noise, your marketing gets you heard. Email marketing, PPC, social selling, podcasts – can all drive business to your door.

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) ensures you hit all the relevant digital channels and plug your business into a wider audience. It is not a scatter-gun approach, but a sophisticated marketing strategy that infiltrates your target audience delivering a consistent message across a multitude of platforms. Who writes this message and what is said is fairly important…

The Top 5 Marketing Channels for 2019

HubSpot cites the five marketing channels to focus on in 2019 as:

  1. Word of mouth
  2. Podcasts
  3. Email
  4. Social media
  5. SEO

There is one thing that these and all marketing platforms have in common, that is pivotal to their success:


From manufacturing to business consultancy services, your target audience can and will see you via these channels if you reach out. Whether they read/click/buy/download is another matter – a matter dealt with by your content.

Everything from lead nurturing to brochures to event guides is based on content marketing. Does a podcast need content marketing? Yes. A script that attractively articulates the important business messages will be under the nose of the broadcaster, designed to tantalise the audience and engage interest.

Whichever platforms you use to amplify your important business messages that message needs to be perfectly constructed and delivered. The success of your marketing and company reputation depends on it.

We have all felt the lure of effective storytelling. It’s clever and tugs on an emotional thread. Companies publicly and loudly support social, cultural and environmental struggles because it bathes them in a good light and ‘speaks’ to likeminded souls. There are many different content marketing tactics that you can deploy to strengthen your marketing campaigns and turn clicks into clients.

Your marketers can design the strongest marketing campaign in the world, but all of that time, work and expense can often be fruitless because the email wasn’t opened or the advert wasn’t clicked. It can be down to as little as seven to ten introductory words that are the difference between a hit and a miss.

Your Message – Our Finesse

A professional content writer knows exactly what to write and why. They guide the brief and extract the information they need from you in order to deliver your message with their finesse. Expertise and experience take the content that is responsible for all of your marketing success from dismissed to delivered. All marketing is content marketing. Who you choose to represent your company and create and write your most important messages is key.

Growthlabs are B2B marketing and content specialists. We enable ambitious businesses to identify their target audience, connect and arouse interest. Using integrated digital techniques combined with traditional approaches we deliver exceptional results across a broad range of sectors. Whether your email open-rate is low or your social media campaigns gain little to no traction – professional content will pack a powerful punch and get your message heard.

Get in touch with one of the Growthlabs team and successfully take your content to your audience.

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