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Have you felt that a company was following you as you browse the internet?

As you move from your favourite news site to a web store, to an online trade magazine you see a Banner ad for a company you recognise from a website visit you previously made when looking for a product or service.

That’s Google Remarketing, and it is an effective way to boost the effectiveness of all your sales, marketing and lead generation activities.

Having driven visitors to your website – by investing time, effort and money – Google Remarketing continues to keep you front-of-mind, which is vital in B2B environments where the buying-cycle is often long. A Google Remarketing Banner Ad with your business name, logo and strapline, that links back to your website, is displayed to previous visitors of your website, as they browse the internet.

The benefit of Google Remarketing lies in strengthening brand awareness, generating inbound leads and helping sales teams and telemarketers engage with warmer prospects.

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