Grow Your Business With a Digital Marketing Apprentice

After approximately 11+ years in education, many young adults are understandably keen to gain some hands-on experience. In the vital world of digital marketing, what happens when you introduce a talented apprentice to your business?

The short answer is a lot. A lot of ideas, a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm. New ideas in digital marketing equate to fresh opportunities to market your business and grow your customer base.

Lead by Example

Digital marketing is the same as any other marketing. It is the process of cementing your brand and marketing your business, products and services. However, digital marketing is done online or via any digital medium; phones, tablets, etc. The compelling reason to start digital marketing is the expansive audience that online marketing opens your business up to. Digital marketing can direct huge volumes of business to your blog, website, case studies, vlog, social media, etc. And who better to direct the traffic, than a new digital marketing apprentice – full of fresh ideas and knowledge.

Growthlabs (keen to lead by example) took on a digital marketing apprentice and here is what happened:

After meeting a handful of budding digital marketing apprentices, the Growthlabs MD – Gavin Burt – offered the position to Damien. An increasingly complex but essential environment, digital marketing is an area that clients regularly outsource to Growthlabs.

What do Growthlabs offer their digital marketing apprentice – Damien?

  • Hands-on experience, including email marketing, HTML coding, customer research, etc.
  • Training and skills from an accomplished, experienced team
  • Interaction with clients – learning their different digital needs
  • The skills to build an integrated, bespoke, digital marketing plan
  • The opportunity for advancement and career progression

“It is an exciting time at Growthlabs as we expand our team. Our clients regularly outsource their digital marketing to us – keen for us to successfully navigate the digital landscape on their behalf. Damien brings a wave of fresh energy, enthusiasm and ideas to the team. We are a friendly, creative bunch and Damien complements GL and our customers perfectly.”

–  Gavin Burt, MD Growthlabs

What does Damien offer Growthlabs?

  • Knowledge of email design
  • Creative skills and infographics
  • New ideas and techniques
  • A valuable team member who can develop and train in the Growthlabs mindset

“I am part of an effective, fun team at Growthlabs. I am afforded the freedom to learn different digital marketing techniques, and work with various colleagues and clients – but there is always a wealth of knowledge and support behind me, whenever I need it.”

–  Damien Ballam, Digital Marketing Apprentice Growthlabs

Hiring a digital marketing apprentice is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Growthlabs are able to train a motivated, loyal recruit and future-proof their team with added skills and competences. Damien acquires vital experience, skills and training, plus a wage as he learns. There is also the opportunity to progress within Growthlabs and learn about other areas of the business.

Our clients are already benefiting from Damien’s suggestions and ideas, expanding their digital marketing techniques and enjoying inbound leads and enquiries.

If you would like to talk to Damien or any of the Growthlabs team about effective digital marketing techniques for your business, please get in touch.

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