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Is the Curse of Knowledge Haunting Your B2B Marketing?

Source: B2B Marketing
The curse of knowledge describes the problems that can happen when someone with a lot of knowledge about a subject (e.g. a marketer), tries to communicate effectively with someone with lesser knowledge about that subject (e.g. a customer).

Problems happen because the communicator has forgotten what it is like to have less knowledge, and so fails to communicate clearly. You may have experienced this yourself taking your car to the garage – ‘I think you may have a fuel compression problem because of the exhaust valve seal?’ to most non-mechanics the answer to this is ‘huh’?

In a real-life B2B example – “Our agile collaboration system provides a paradigm shift in disruptive business acceleration”. Huh?

Marketers are can be surrounded by so much jargon that we can lose sight of the fact that no-one in the real world knows what that it means. It has reached the point where looking at the home page of a B2B website often doesn’t tell you what a business does. It uses all sorts of marvellous appellations to explain how well they do it, but not what it is.

The first step to lifting the curse is knowing it exists. The second is in bringing in some outside help – someone new to explain things to who, unlike a customer, won’t just be put off by confusion, they will ask for more clarity.

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Adobe is Getting in on the Marketing Automation Action!

Source: Marketing Tech
Adobe has confirmed that it will be acquiring the privately-held cloud marketing software group Marketo from Vista Equity Partners for $4.75bn (£3.6bn). The sale price is a near $3bn (£2.3bn) mark-up on Vista’s 2016 purchase price of $1.8bn (£1.4bn).

One of the key attributes that Adobe will inherit from Marketo is its capability in B2B marketing where Adobe has had only a peripheral presence. Global B2B marketers spend 22% of their budgets on technology, according to Forrester, and 66% are planning to up that spend in the year to come.

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The Latest on Google’s Marketing Options

Source: Click Through
If you’re using Google’s Ad options hands-on you’ll have got your head around the changes already, but for business owners who aren’t following Google so closely, or startups considering their investment in Google, Click Through have provided a round up of the latest changes.

Google was best known for its flagship Pay Per Click AdWords search engine, but it also bought DoubleClick over 10 years ago to enable ad serving and reporting across display networks.

In Google’s New Advertising Platform DoubleClick now becomes part of the Google Marketing Platform, which combines these main components: Google Adwords will become Google Ads, DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 will become Google Marketing Platform, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are becoming Google Ad Manager.

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When Should a Startup Implement Marketing Automation Software?

Source: LeadLiaison
Here LeadLiaison offer 10 reasons why a startup should implement marketing automation – and outline when they feel is the right time.

If you are running a startup you probably have a lot on your mind, but implementing MA software and strategy early could help reduce the number of things you have to worry about.

From the efficiency that allows for scalability, to creating a customer acquisition team and bringing sales and marketing up alongside product development the benefits of adopting the right MA options are many. Cost doesn’t have to be a barrier – the right software will require minimal up front investments and allow you to measure your efforts and give investors visibility into your business.

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Industry Issues: Going Green

Source: the DMA
This article from the DMA picks up on the wider trend towards reducing environmental impact that has come to a head after David Attenborough’s damning look at our impact on the world’s oceans in Blue Planet.

Direct mail may be having a significant impact at the moment, but there are ways to reduce your campaign’s wastage. From Bioplastics to generating energy from waste there are some great, innovative new solutions to the environmental issues we all face.

The industry has made great progress in reducing wastage and adopting green practices but more remains to be done.

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Augmented Reality in Marketing ? Just How Realistic a Goal is it?

Source: Marketing Tech
In this article Marketing Tech reviews the options on AR – software that overlays digitally created objects on real images. Just five or ten years ago the idea was the stuff of sci-fi but today even your phone can do it. Pokémon Go harnessed your phone’s camera and geolocation to guide you round the real world and catch Pokémon – and thousands of people played. Given the success of such apps it is hard not to get excited but for now the results are mostly potential.

Some leading firms have started using some aspects though – Ikea’s app lets you virtually scale and place furniture in your home, Perfect Corp offer their YouCam Makeup app which uses facial mapping for virtual makeovers. With a bit of imagination they have come up with some suggestions for use in a more B2B Setting: Sales Demos, Trade Shoes, Virtual Meetings and more.

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