Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Content led marketing boosts your SEO, but importantly generates inbound leads – three times as many leads as paid advertising.

Better still, an integrated approach ensures all your communications are tactical, linked, and your key business messages conveyed. It requires more planning and effort but reaps the business benefits.

Content plays the starring role, for obvious reasons. It is your content that ‘speaks’ with your target audience. If what it says isn’t compelling and persuasive that all important connection is easily lost.

Companies like to conduct business with an organisation that reflects their values and offers synergy. HubSpot conducted market research and found that 47% of buyers reviewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a company. In a busy, competitive world, a consistent, strong message has more chance of cutting through the noise than a myriad of communication.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is proven to boost sales, as the integrated approach communicates messages consistently across many platforms, creating more avenues for potential clients to become aware, engaged and ultimately purchase. Buyers are wary of the traditional ‘hard sell’ and IMC allows you to subtly communicate via linked messages that are coded, sequenced and comfortable. There are downsides to IMC, but these are in the form of its execution, such as timescale management, lack of know-how from management teams and functional silos.

IMC integrates all marketing tools, such as advertising, online marketing, promotional marketing etc. – as they work more effectively in harmony than in isolation. IMC wraps communications around the customer, helping them move through the stages of the buying process whilst consolidating company image. You can enhance your efforts even further with horizontal, vertical, internal, external and data integration for a truly unified, strategic approach.

The presiding feature that all marketing tools share is content. We have all experienced the inexplicable magnetism of successful marketing that has us reaching for our credit card or subscribing for more. Your content holds this power – if done well.

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