New Year’s Anti-Resolutions for 2019

The New Year is often about all the new things we should be doing, but there is limited time and money. So maybe we should start the year by looking at what we should give up!

Here is the Growthlabs list of what we should ditch in 2019.

Running ‘campaigns’ and jumping from one to another

The danger with campaign led approaches is that they do not create long lasting awareness amongst buyers. In many B2B markets there can be long sales cycles, and timing is a significant issue – buyers go through a long period in contract or when they won’t be reviewing their existing solution.

If your campaign goes out during a passive phase for that buyer then they are unlikely to engage with you – and without regular communication you may have dropped out of the buyer’s awareness by the time they are ready to talk.

Sets of related emails, landing pages and adverts can be effective as a way to focus on a particular segment of your audience and emphasise a particular solution or message – but should always be part of overall long-term awareness and nurturing rather than as a stand-along campaign.

Bashing out ‘buy from me’ messages

A constantly repeated sales pitch message can be not only boring and self-obsessed but doesn’t show your expertise or the impact that you have for customers.

To show how you add value to B2B markets use Content marketing to engage the audience and give insight to buyers.

Giving away your expertise is often the best way to show it off and let buyers know why they need to pay you to access more of it!

Only marketing to prospects

Prospects are the coldest audience , while existing customers can be the easiest to convert of buyers who might spend their money with you.

Specific marketing programmes for existing customers, previous customers, live opportunities, and even dead or dormant sales opportunities gives you the best opportunity to sell, cross sell, or upsell. These people have an awareness of you and your capabilities and are likely to be much more receptive to information about services and products that they have not yet bought from you.

Asking sales to do lead generation

Sales people are likely to be overpaid but undermotivated and inappropriately skilled for the detailed legwork necessary for lead generation.

Lead generation needs to be managed in an efficient, highly structured and process-driven way to reach as much of your target audience as possible.

Good sales people are experts in your market and in helping potential customers to understand the value of what you do, but lead generation typically isn’t their thing.

Try to be an expert at everything.

Marketing is one of the most demanding and fast-moving fields in modern business.

It’s at the forefront of innovation as new marketing channels, technology and communication styles evolve. Trying to prioritise and deliver effective marketing is a significant challenge.

It is likely to be expensive and inefficient to try to maintain all of these skills in-house.

You will need expertise in developing the overall marketing plan and how all the elements fit together. But you may also need design, marketing automation, data, email, telemarketing, web, social, direct mail, pay per click, video, merchandising and other marketing disciplines.

Finding the right agency partners to fill the gaps will help you to get your marketing working harder and smarter.

Growthlabs are experts at design and implementation of effective marketing plans that are focused on generating new business opportunities. Get in touch to talk about the most effective Lead Generation and Marketing that can drive growth for your business.

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Gavin works with B2B business owners to develop effective growth and lead generation programmes, and heads the Growthlabs team. He is also the co-founder of the telemarketing agency Beanstalk and remains actively involved in that business too.

Gavin is passionate about developing, implementing and managing effective sales and marketing strategies that deliver growth and profitability.

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