Personalisation is the Key Trend That Will Influence Marketing Over the Next 12 Months

New research from ClickZ into B2B marketing has come up with some key findings about the modern marketing mix. They recognise, as we do, that the way that marketing and sales teams work together is changing, so they surveyed their community of B2B marketing professionals to learn more about their marketing plans.

The results showed that the role of the modern B2B marketer is changing fast. It is becoming a multi-channel discipline requiring the analytical skills of the data scientist, and the artistic flair of the brand developer, and the project management skills to bring these together. All with the key objective of generating and nurturing leads kept front and centre.

Key findings include:

  • 57% of B2B marketers think personalization is the key trend that will influence next 12 months.
  • 50% of B2B marketers now require that leads that are fed into the middle and bottom – not just the top – of the funnel.
  • ROI priorities are clear, with conversation rates, yield growth and site traffic high priority.
  • Decision making units are growing, 5 people now typically have input on investment decisions.
  • Content marketing is here to stay.

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Source: ClickZ

Marketing Analyst at Growthlabs

Lilly has broad ranging agency experience of over 9 years working with clients in diverse sectors on lead generation and digital marketing projects. She is Google certified and has worked on a range of CRM and Marketing Automation platforms gaining a strong technical and strategic understanding of this technology and how to deploy it effectively.

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