Case Study: Placer

Placer is a partnership between the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), Jisc (the UK education and skills sectors’ organisation for digital services) and Unite Students. They provide the ability for students to access work experience opportunities through a technology platform on which employers can publish their work experience opportunities (anything from one-day tasters to long-term placements).

John Brewer, the head of engagement at Placer, reached out to Growthlabs for assistance in launching the service and engaging with Universities and with Employers.

Placer did not have the internal marketing expertise, resources or technology to develop an effective marketing programme. Growthlabs supported Placer to develop their marketing plan and made detailed recommendations on how this would be structured to meet the Placer objectives, to build awareness, and generate registrations for the platform.

The integrated campaign planned and delivered by Growthlabs included sourcing a Prospect Pool of target data, Content development, Lead Nurturing using Marketing Automation, and Telemarketing Lead Generation.

Growthlabs researched the target markets to develop a Prospect Pool with contact information for relevant Key Decision Makers. Lead Liaison was deployed as the Marketing Automation software to act as a communication hub for the Placer content; using it to reach out, engage and educate relevant contacts.

Jon was delighted with the support from Growthlabs;

“The combined approach has really got the registrations rolling, built the pipeline and the conversion rate is really good. I have since recommended Growthlabs to a number of other people.”

The integrated and structured approach adopted by Growthlabs maximised the effectiveness of both Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing activity.

Jon commented;

“Growthlabs’ team are great at what they do. The Marketing Automation process they developed to nurture our prospects was just what we needed, and something we would never have been able to come up with ourselves.

Everyone that I have dealt with has been really capable and took the time to really understand our proposition. The telemarketing integrated with the lead nurturing means Karen and Tamara are consistently producing really good results.”

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