The Rise of Engagement Marketing

Traditional selling, such as cold calling (via email, phone, the door) has taken something of a nosedive. The digital age has brought with it a wave of smarter strategies that do not ‘sell’ in the traditional sense. Businesses now understand the value of asserting themselves as industry specialists and being a trustable brand that adds value to their target audience otherwise known as engagement marketing.

Engagement marketing deploys the use of strategic content to create meaningful interactions with people, companies and brands. These meaningful interactions build a relationship and form the foundations on which selling can and does commence.

Connect with Your Target Audience

The hard and even soft sell approach can switch off a client like no other. Hard selling uses insistent language and rarely encourages repeat business. Worse still, it raises suspicion and negativity which can damage your company reputation. Businesses cannot survive without sales and marketing. Buyers (unfortunately) need a little prompting before they knock on your door. So, what is the answer?

Engagement marketing is about maximising the customer experience. The most successful companies realise that their most valuable asset isn’t their product or even their team – it’s their customers. If your marketing engages with your customers, adding value along the way, you can communicate during each stage of the customer lifecycle, transforming customers from new buyers into lifelong advocates.

People, companies and brands are desensitised to marketing. Previous marketing methods mostly involved proclaiming greatness and shouting as loudly as possible. Granted, some of it was tasteful, funny and memorable, but after a while we have all switched off. Brands have realised that a value exchange needs to transpire rather than simply pushing customers to products and services. For every phone call your ideal client receives from your sales team, they most likely receive another ten from your competitors. Engagement marketing is shrewd. It utilises a number of tactics:

  • Story-driven marketing creates a narrative that draws the reader in. It is a way to build engagement through immersive and impactful stories. We have all felt the lure of successful storytelling. Big brands around the world use it on us daily – and with good reason.
  • Both B2B and B2C buyers want to buy an experience, not just a product. This does not need to be a complex digital solution. It can be as simple as a well-designed website, a loyalty programme or personalised contact. Create an experience and you will create something tangible and memorable that adds value and strengthens loyalty.
  • Create useful content: instructional videos, tips, blogs – they need to focus on your target audience. Helping your audience with their problems is at the forefront of engagement marketing. Regularly help your audience – anticipate their needs, issues and interests, then inspire them with your content.

Engagement marketing is an investment in the ongoing conversation with your customers and potential customers. If you would like any assistance in tried and tested engagement marketing, Growthlabs can help.

We take the time to get to know the unique nuances of your business, team, industry and audience. We then develop a successful marketing strategy using integrated digital methods combined with traditional techniques. We create engaging stories, blogs, articles and campaigns tailored to your audience that bond them to your brand.

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