What Roles Does LinkedIn and Social Media Play in Modern B2B Marketing?

Social media channels can meet a broad range of objectives, from building thought leadership through to strengthening customer relationships. High-level marketers frequently discuss B2B and B2C strategies, but what modern role does social media play in B2B marketing?
LinkedIn is a B2B marketers goldmine. Not only is it where C-suite executives and decision-makers spend their time, but it is also where they actively scroll through searching for valuable content. It is a veritable fishing ground comprised of 303 million active monthly users and your content is the bait. With LinkedIn making up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs, and 80% of B2B leads coming from LinkedIn, if it isn’t currently part of your marketing strategy – it should be.

What Social Channels are Right for Your Business?

The B2B audience still craves something that attracts their attention (just as the B2C audience does) but that also leads them back to an authoritative platform, such as your website, where they can obtain further facts and information. Where the B2C environment is all about consumers engaging with the brand, in the B2B environment it is all about the solution. Social channels can leave some businesses feeling rather paralysed. Will B2B marketing on social channels dilute the brand, be appropriate or relevant? What control is there over output and response? It is true; finding a B2B conversation on certain channels is uncommon, such as Facebook and Instagram, whilst LinkedIn and Twitter are deemed ‘more suitable’ B2B channels. But on the ‘right’ social channels, carefully curated business content is fed to users that help them with their needs and problems.

Tip: Be clear about the social channels that fit your business and target audience.

An effective B2B social media strategy requires specific content, problem-solving and timing. You must place yourself in your audiences’ shoes, evaluate their needs and understand their issues. You will also need to consider the time of day they will be looking at your business and their frame of mind during this period. The key objective is to drive traffic back to your website via engagement on a social post. This might be via a detailed whitepaper, a product specification or a simple 20-word post.

Social media marketing can and should form part of your overall strategy. Done well, it can produce a positive reaction that prompts action – leading buyers back to your website, where you can capture them as a lead. As with any marketing strategy, it requires expertise as your reputation is on the line. In order to really get the most from your social strategy, you will need to demonstrate value and differentiate yourself from the competition. Consistent, stand-out content and the right volume of content must be crafted by expert B2B marketers in order to have the desired effect. It will require skills and resources but can and does inspire and prompt your target audience.

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