What’s Hot and What’s Not in December

A list of some of the latest articles from the Marketing world:

The Secrets to Sales Success – Trust & Technology

Source: Net Imperative

Trust is the primary concern for salespeople in the UK; while buyers seek out salespeople with the best understanding of their needs, according to new research from LinkedIn. Developments in sales technology are revolutionising the sector, helping salespeople to bridge the gaps with buyers, build trusted relationships and increase their relevance.

Buyers stated salespeople having a clear understanding of their business’ needs as the top reason for considering a brands’ products or services. Also featuring amongst buyers’ considerations are the need for salespeople to share applicable content, target the appropriate people, and use personalised communications (90%).

Net Imperative collate the results in this article.

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4 of the Most Shared Infographics

Source: The Content Marketing Association

Anyone who has run a successful content marketing campaign, especially in a tech or B2B space will tell you that the visual is key.

Regardless of who your audience actually is, they’re likely not wanting to read through streams and streams of content – not many people do. They want an easy to digest, compelling and informative snippet of information coupled with an eye catching graphic.

This article from the Content Marketing Association provides some excellent inspiration as it dissects four of the most shared infographics of all time.

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What Does Google’s New Zero Results Gamble Mean for Content Marketing?

Source: Net Imperative

You may have noticed that google often provides the answer to a question actually on the search results page for things like timezone questions, conversions or definitions. The latest update takes this a step further though – this week Google has launched zero search results for time, conversions and maths.

This means that only the answer will appear – to see the rest of the search results you will have to click the more results button. This article from Net imperative discusses how content producers can adapt to this change and keep being seen.

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Lead Liaison Celebrates 5-year Anniversary

Source: Lead Liaison

Lead Liaison officially opened for business in November 2013 with a clear vision: to help companies drive revenue by scaling sales and marketing.

They made a splash with the introduction of a website visitor tracking solution. A few short months later, a fully integrated marketing automation and CRM solution was launched. Over the years, Lead Liaison has grown exponentially with last month marking five years in the industry.

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