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8 Marketing Trends for 2019

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing asked eight top marketers to share their predictions for the year ahead. Among the trends predicted to take off are: Movement marketing – making your audience active contributors to your content, AI and automated sales enablement tools. Features of 2018 marketing predicted to grow are: Active listening, human contact, online engagement tools and privacy concerns.

The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to make sure you know which bits of marketing technology your business needs and you have a comprehensive, secure and well managed database.

The CMA 2019 Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Association

More predictions, this time from the CMA, they cover issues like content wastage, the research driven approach and personalisation. Interactivity and automation are predicted to be the upcoming trends in 2019 as technology increasingly impacts the marketing world.

Brand activism and social innovation are the new buzz words as companies hitch themselves to the causes that most resonate with their target audiences. Following on from this trust and transparency are vital aspects of your brand.

One of the most interesting trends in content marketing in recent years has been the way that digital companies have chosen to experiment with print, paper is coming back!

Marketing Segmentation is More Important Post-GDPR

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UK Marketers are increasing their use of data segmentation since the introduction of the GDPR. Whilst many marketing focussed organisations are predicting an increase in personalisation in 2019, 66% of marketers surveyed in the research by TransUnion said they are now less able to personalise marketing to individuals and have switched to segmentation.

GDPR has restricted marketers’ abilities to micro-target customers, which has led to a huge rise in the use of widely accessible data that doesn’t infringe on a person’s privacy, but can give a better understanding who you’re marketing to.

Four Things That Changed Content Marketing in 2018

Content Marketing Association

Looking back this time, the CMA reviews 2018, the year of GDPR, fake news and the indie brand.

Anecdotally, in the B2C sector, whilst the numbers of email subscribers have been dramatically cut by GDPR the number of people who engage with corporate emails remains roughly the same. In the B2B sector the rules on who you can send to are more relaxed, but none-the-less GDPR has sparked some important reviews of data quality and security.

Facebook have taken action on their news feed algorithms, perhaps stung by accusations of helping to distribute fake news. Whatever the reason they have tweaked the feeds to prioritise posts from friends and family, pushing the already organically limited business posts even further into obscurity.
New mediums are made up of old in 2018 – radio may not be as popular as it was but the audio revolution continues with the growth of the podcast, and we have seen the renaissance of print advertising.

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