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Six Ways to Find Your Target Audience

From: The CMA

Writing great content is all well and good, but without having an understanding of your target audience, you may struggle to attract more traffic and in turn that traffic into new clients.

This useful article from the Content Marketing Association outlines six ways you can find your target audience, starting with the customers you already have.

Get Rid of These 25 Phrases and Words from Your Content

From: The CMI

We can all accidentally end up doing it… You’ve written a great article which includes a wealth of value for your audience and highlights how you are an expert in your industry.

The only problem is that you’re lacking clarity when it comes to your message and you’ve erroneously included a number of phrases and words which dilute your content, making it harder to read.

This article from the Content Marketing Institute helps you to highlight which words are adding unnecessary bloat, and which phrases you should be avoiding and why.

Journey Mapping Can Guide You to a Stronger Brand

From: The CMO

For the first time, digital advertising has overtaken traditional advertising in spend making it clear that digital marketing is what used to be considered marketing.

Knowing where to spend your efforts and which channels to occupy has become increasingly difficult, especially with the change in buyer behaviour and the technology at our fingertips.

To consistently make better marketing choices you need to step into the shoes of your customers and understand their journey.

In this article the CMO review what a journey map is, and best practices when it comes to creating yours.

4 Ways to Get Better Content from Your B2B Writer

From: B2B Marketing

Getting the most out of your content is at the forefront of any content marketing campaign. Being able to put across your knowledge in an engaging and informing way is key to any success you will have.

When it comes to standing out, however, having a great a content writer is only the start. Having a healthy dialogue with your writer will be the main difference between good, and great content.

This article from B2B Marketing goes into detail on how to nurture your relationship with your content writer to help take your content to the next level.

Why Your Paid Social Media is Losing You Money

From: B2B Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising on social often has a significant amount of ROI; but are you using paid social media platforms in the most beneficial way? Most marketers often waste their budget, time, and end up feeling like paid social just doesn’t work for them. Not ideal, right?

B2B Marketing explain in this article, what you need to do to get positive ROI with your paid social campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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