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The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts

From: The CMA

Your best pieces of content are not necessarily the latest, shiniest ones you’ve just written and posted to your website. Good advice from even a couple of years ago can still be relevant and insightful to your audience but your content still might be in need of a few tweaks in order to freshen it up whilst making it u to date.

This useful article from the Content Marketing Association explains why, when and how you could republish your blog posts.


5 Critical Signs It’s Time to Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy

From: The Marketing Insider Group

Creating a successful content marketing strategy is vital to building trust, generating leads, and cultivating customer loyalty for your business

Knowing when to take a step back and evaluate your current strategy is essential in maintaining the revenue that your content is providing, and luckily there are some warning signs that indicate when you should be reassessing.

This article from the Marketing Insider Group helps you to know when the alarm bells should start ringing in your head.


Retaining the Human Touch in an AI Driven World

From: B2B Marketing

AI was the 2017 “Marketing Word of the Year” and there are no signs of the digitally automated systems we’ve seen introduced into B2B marketing are in any danger of slowing down.

The increase in the use of chatbots and digital assistants that help guide customers along their purchasing journey is becoming just as common in B2B as it has been in B2C environments, but with their introduction comes the need to retain the human touch.

In this article, B2B Marketing discuss AI and the importance of retaining the human touch in B2B customer experience.


Why B2B Content Doesn’t Have to be Boring

From: The CMA

Just because you work in an industry that may seem boring to the outside world doesn’t mean your content should be dull as well! Often, we’re told to write longer form content due to the SEO and psychological benefits, but are you missing out on key opportunities to make your content stand out and engage your audience?

The CMA have shared five ways to spice up your once boring topics and capture your readers and viewers attention.


5 Tips for Growing Your Social Channels Organically

From: Hatchbuck

Growing your social media channels isn’t as easy as it used to be. Most platforms are encouraging you to spend money with them in order to gain new followers, but the truth is, you don’t need to be using up your ad spend on gaining likes and followers.

Organic reach may be on the decline, but by following the 5 tips outlined by Hatchbuck, you can start developing your social media accounts, gaining followers, improving reach, and finally start seeing ROI from social.

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