Integrated B2B Marketing

By co-ordinating all marketing channels, messaging and communications we can ensure they are centred on the Buyer and their pain points and needs, reinforcing one another to maximise marketing impact.

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Our Integrated Marketing approach provides a seamless experience for your Buyers to interact with your business throughout their buying cycle and across the different elements of your marketing communication.

We bring Lead Nurturing and Lead Generation together to educate your audience, create awareness and prompt engagement and then further dialogue with you. This approach delivers higher lead volumes and a greater return on marketing investments as well as a sustainable flow of inbound enquiries alongside leads from your outbound activity.

Messaging and communications are consistent across channels and are centred on the Buyer and their pain points and needs. By co-ordinating use of different channels these reinforce one another to maximise the number of touchpoints and communication impact.

We integrate both online and off-line activity to reinforce the market impact of each method, and to best utilise valuable data on your market and audience.

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About Growthlabs

Growthlabs are a team of specialists in B2B marketing and lead generation.

We have extensive experience developing marketing approaches that generate revenue.

Investors in People accredited, we deploy integrated inbound and outbound marketing through our Essex based team including data, copywriting, design, web, email, marketing automation, direct mail and telemarketing capability.

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