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Marketing Automation ensures your communication is relevant to buyers and personalised by providing targeted content, tracking interactions, adapting communication, scoring leads and providing actionable data and insight.

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Marketing Automation Software and Services

A well structured Marketing Automation implementation can significantly increase marketing effectiveness and be the heart of communication with potential customers. We have the right software and expertise to put a programme in place quickly and effectively.

Better sales conversions

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You can turn more leads into customers if they have been nurtured over a period of time and have a deeper understanding of your business.

Sales teams also have more success when they have insight into the specific areas of interest that a potential customer has.

Marketing Automation provides the ability to adapt communication to make it relevant for your audience, as well as identifying those that are most likely to be receptive to direct communication and where their interest lies.

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Increase Marketing ROI

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The investments that you make in building high quality marketing assets including your website, data, and content are likely to be significant.

Marketing Automation integrates activity and makes these assets work together to create better outcomes and greater value from them over a longer period.

It also ensures visibility and insight into where your activity is most effective, enabling you to do more of what works and less of what doesn?t.

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Generate Inbound leads

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Generate inbound leads - Marketing Automation can keep you in touch with your target audience on an ongoing basis across multiple channels.

By building awareness of your expertise and relevance to them and with compelling calls to action you can generate high quality inbound enquiries.

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80 percent of Marketing Automation users see their leads increase, and 77 percent see conversions increase.
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Where B2B markets have long sales cycles with complex decision-making and procurement – you need to build awareness and create trust to generate leads.

Marketing Automation ensures your communication is systemised, relevant to buyers and personalised by providing targeted content, tracking interactions, adapting communication, scoring leads and providing actionable data and insight.

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We provide full featured B2B Marketing Automation platforms with Sales integration capability. We provide flexible support from self-managed options to a fully outsourced solution.

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We can assess your existing data and undertake market analysis to see what other data is available.
Bespoke data research can identify decision makers not on commercial lists.

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Content builds awareness and engage your audience. We can plan the content you need, and create it to illustrate your expertise and insight. with our design and copywriting team

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With expertise across multiple platforms and many deployments we can plan, implement and manage your marketing automation platform or provide professional support to your internal team.

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About Growthlabs

Growthlabs are a team of specialists in B2B marketing and lead generation.

We have extensive experience developing marketing approaches that generate revenue.

Investors in People accredited, we deploy integrated inbound and outbound marketing through our Essex based team including data, copywriting, design, web, email, marketing automation, direct mail and telemarketing capability.

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