Planning your Marketing

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We can provide the practical tools and support to develop a marketing plan with you that will drive growth. This can include ensuring that you have a clear message matched with an understanding of the target market and decision makers within it.

We do not do fluffy or create intangibles. We are focused on generating valuable sales leads and creating a sustainable measurable and practical programme.

A marketing plan developed with us will:

  • Be based on your specific circumstances, objectives and priorities
  • Provide a clear evaluation of the scope of your target audience
  • Identify how your message relates to the issues and pain points of the Buyer
  • Have a budget that is prioritised to where it can be most effective and deliver ROI.
  • Drive returns from long term marketing investment
  • Define clearly the actions and timescales necessary to implement

A focused marketing plan provides the roadmap to speed up the implementation of an effective programme, increasing effectiveness and ensuring the alignment of your message to your market and their needs.

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About Growthlabs

Growthlabs are a team of specialists in B2B marketing and lead generation.

We have extensive experience developing marketing approaches that generate revenue.

Investors in People accredited, we deploy integrated inbound and outbound marketing through our Essex based team including data, copywriting, design, web, email, marketing automation, direct mail and telemarketing capability.

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