Introducing Our New Marketing Executive, Kate Exelby

We love being back in the office now that social restrictions have ended, and we’re pleased to say it’s even busier and more bustling than ever. Adding heaps of extra energy to our team dynamic is our new Marketing Executive, Kate Exelby, who specialises in marketing analytics.

Welcome to the lab, Kate! Why don’t you fill us in on your background?

Kate ExelbyI have always had a passion for marketing and the power of data. I graduated from Royal Holloway with a degree in Economics and I have spent the last 3 years working in marketing analytics, reporting and latterly email marketing before moving to Growthlabs.

What motivates you each day?

The fast pace of switching between the diverse range of our clients. I also am very inspired and motivated by the people around me, discussing new strategies with the talented people at Growthlabs is a real strength of the team here.

What part of your role do you enjoy the most?​

Understanding a client’s needs and planning and executing tagging solutions. I love to get into the nitty gritty of understanding a clients customer journey and their KPIs to get the most accurate data and best ROI to measure the success of the marketing strategy.

What couldn’t you live without during a working day?​

Note taking. I am a big fan of colour co-ordinated notes and I take great pleasure in introducing people to my love of OneNote. I also think that continued learning and a never-give-up attitude serves you well.

Outside of the lab you can find me…

Behind a sewing machine or planning my next quilt – a passion that was taught to me by my Grandma when I was younger and stays with me now. I love to mix the older style of patchwork with modern colours, textures and fabrics. I am also very passionate about my love of country music, so you’ll find me walking by the sea listening to music and watching old Grand Ole Opry concerts.

Kate and the rest of our friendly team are on hand to help you optimise your online presence, so get in touch now.

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