B2B Lead Generation

Professional campaigns delivered by our experienced team to fuel your business growth. We maximise ROI by focussing on quality as well as quantity.

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B2B Lead generation

Professional campaigns delivered by our experienced team to fuel your business growth. We maximise ROI with a carefully planned approach designed specifically around your value proposition, target market and objectives.

Reach your target audience

To reach out to the audience of buyers that you really want to talk to first you need to identify them. By working with a network of data brokers we can identify and prioritise the organisations in your market and the key buyers, often with multiple decision makers in a particular business. This creates a solid foundation to build your marketing upon and a valuable business asset.

Qualified leads and appointments

Not all buyers are ready to engage with your sales team right now. By building awareness and finding the right people at the right businesses, engaging with them and prompting a further conversation we can identify those that have immediate needs and pain-points that you can address. Qualified leads are created for those that are ready now, as well as a pipeline for the future.

Increase sales

To keep your sales function fully occupied they need the right quality and volume of enquiries and opportunities. We maximise ROI and fuel profitable growth by balancing both aspects. Lead Generation programmes improve over time as awareness builds and the pipeline fills, and also as analysis of the most responsive sectors, messaging and conversions enables continuous improvements to be made.

Effective B2B Lead Generation requires effective delivery of your message to the target audience in order to prompt them into exploring your solution in more detail.

Finding the right buyers and a persuasive engagement with them can ensure that you are one of the suppliers chosen for their detailed evaluation; boosting your growth and sales effectiveness.

We can assess the right lead generation approach for your objectives, industry and value proposition. Then we put that approach into action with on-going monitoring of effectiveness and expert recommendations to maximise effectiveness.

We use a sophisticated approach to lead generation including traditional human interaction through channels such as telemarketing as well as email and other digital and web-based techniques.

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We can work with you to refine your message and develop the best lead generation approach. We have a detailed structured briefing process to ensure we understand your objectives, market, and value proposition.

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Our B2B telemarketing team are experts at sales prospecting and finding qualified opportunities with the right people in the companies that you want to work with. We are able to have professional, knowledgeable and persuasive conversations with relevant decision makers

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We can assess your existing data and undertake market analysis to see what other data is available.
Bespoke data research can identify decision makers not on commercial lists.

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Email Marketing

B2B Email can still be used and remain GDPR compliant.
When carefully structured and designed it is one of the most effective lead generation channels, especially when integrated with other activity. We design html and plain text email programmes that generate results; remaining compliant and professional.

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Social media and particularly LinkedIn can be used effectively in B2B markets. It is a powerful way to reach out to your target customers and generate new leads and opportunities.

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Managed Live Chat

Our trained team undertake the interactions that people have with the live chat on your website. This ensures that your website visitors can always have a knowledgeable and engaging conversation with someone that is responsive and available.

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Pay per Click

Paid search terms and paid promotion on social networks can be used for generating leads and to drive traffic to your website. This can be part of an inbound strategy but also for Lead Generation itself

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Direct Mail

With postal volumes reduced Direct Mail has a new place within integrated marketing campaigns as it is unusual and engaging. We can design and create the direct mail itself while targeting it to only those that are most engaged and interacting with other marketing material.

How can we help you?

We can fuel your growth by creating an ongoing flow of new business opportunities that can be converted into profitable sales. An intelligent lead generation and marketing programme needs to be designed to fit your value proposition and market so let’s have a conversation to explore what we would recommend for your circumstances, and how we might be able to help.

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About Growthlabs

Growthlabs are a team of specialists in B2B marketing and lead generation.

We have extensive experience developing a marketing approach that produce revenue.

Investors in People accredited, we deploy integrated inbound and outbound marketing through our Essex based team including data, copywriting, design, web, email, marketing automation, direct mail and telemarketing capability.

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