B2B Lead Nurturing

Providing relevant and informative content to your target audience throughout the sales cycle creates inbound leads and improves sales conversion rates.

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B2B Lead Nurturing

Not all buyers are ready to buy now.

To ensure that you remain in their mind, that they understand your capabilities, and that you are positioned as a preferred partner you need to share your insight and knowledge through informative content materials.

Build brand awareness

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Most buyers will select suppliers that they know and trust.

You need to be in their mind before they are ready to talk in order to stand a good chance of being selected as part of their evaluation.

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Educate and inform your audience

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By creating informative and insightful content and distributing it to Buyers across multiple channels you demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as a trusted potential partner.

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Generate inbound leads

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Creating a user experience that draws Buyers into additional content, engages them and prompts them to get in touch will maximise the value of your marketing activity and website visits - converting traffic into enquiries.

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Over 70% of brands chosen by B2B buyers were known to them before they started their research
Buyersphere Research
Where Lead nurturing was been deployed sales opportunities increased by 20%
DemandGen Research

Lead Nurturing increases the effectiveness of lead generation and other marketing activity. Educating and informing your buyers builds a trusted relationship with them and differentiates you from competitors.

Effective content may be created in a number of formats including articles, blogs, case studies, live action or animated videos or infographics.

We can plan the relevant content that is necessary to build an effective Lead Nurturing programme. Our copywriting and design team can create insightful and engaging material that matches your value proposition and message. We can reach your audience efficiently and across multiple channels using the latest technology and more traditional human approaches.

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Marketing Planning

We can work with you to refine your message and develop the best lead generation approach. We have a detailed structured briefing process to ensure we understand your objectives, market, and value proposition

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Content such as articles and guides inform your audience and position you as an expert in the field. Our copywriting and design team create compelling content focused on your audience needs and pain points.

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Display Remarketing

Keep your brand in front of your website visitors and encourage further interaction with them through targeted ads, even when they are browsing other websites. We can implement a remarketing programme and manage it for you.

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Key Account Mapping

Research the key contacts that influence a buying decision who are not on commercial lists. We can find them and their contact information through a structured cost-effective process.

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B2B Email can still be used and remain GDPR compliant. When carefully structured and designed it is one of the most effective lead generation channels, especially when integrated with other activity. We design html and plain text email programmes that generate results; remaining compliant and professional.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media and particularly LinkedIn can be used effectively in B2B markets. It is a powerful way to reach out to your target customers and generate new leads and opportunities.

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Marketing Automation

A well structured MA implementation can significantly increase marketing effectiveness and be the heart of communication with potential customers. We have the right software and expertise to put a programme in place quickly and effectively.

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With postal volumes reduced Direct Mail has a new place within integrated marketing campaigns as it is unusual and engaging. We can design and create the direct mail itself while targeting it to only those that are most engaged and interacting with other marketing material.

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About Growthlabs

Growthlabs are a team of specialists in B2B marketing and lead generation.

We have extensive experience developing marketing approaches that generate revenue.

Investors in People accredited, we deploy integrated inbound and outbound marketing through our Essex based team including data, copywriting, design, web, email, marketing automation, direct mail and telemarketing capability.

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