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06 Sep 2021 | Growth Labs Team

The summer is coming to a close, but we’re still in high spirits at Growthlabs – enter our new creative whizz! Ash has thrown on his design hat and has got straight to work, crafting awe-inspiring creative assets for our clients, brand and content strategy.

Ash has just joined us as our new creative whizz, focused on graphic design and creative assets

Right, elevator pitch time to tell us about yourself…

Ash Patel

I’m a Graphic Designer, with an unhealthy obsession for technology and all aspects of design.

I have always had a passion for problem-solving through design and creating eye-catching visuals utilising print and digital channels.

At Growthlabs, I am proud to create powerful assets for our clients that help sell their business through the power of visual storytelling.

Why is Growthlabs a wonderful place for you to get creative?

Getting to work with a great clientele from various industries allows me to flex my creativity across different projects. As well as being surrounded by brilliant and inspirational team members, which brings an exciting and motivating atmosphere to the office!

What goes through your head when you receive a brief from a client?​

Getting the initial brief from a client, my mind is racing with a million different ideas, through working with the wider team and our account managers I will pick out the best and polish them to a point where they provide the right creative solution to the problem. Every new brief is exciting!

What helps you create striking designs?

Experiment with design ideas that come to mind. It’s an effective way to find out if an idea works by seeing it visually on-screen or printed. Sometimes it does not come out as you expect but that can open new avenues you did not think to try before!

In my spare time, you may see me…

In the cinema, playing board games with friends or reading fantasy novels – I love the freedom a book gives to visualise the setting the author is describing in your mind. I am also a massive Marvel fan and will always be at the cinema to see those movies on the opening weekends.

Ash is eagerly awaiting his next creative challenge, so if you’ve got a design project or idea, get in touch now.

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