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Ed joined Growthlabs back in 2019, just before the global pandemic hit – luckily, we did get to meet him in person before we moved to a socially distanced set-up. Now, back in the office, he’s feeling optimistic about the future!

Hey Ed, why don’t you tell us about being a copywriter at Growthlabs and the route you took to get here?

As a copywriter at Growthlabs, I’m responsible for managing our internal content strategy and producing a plethora of content for our clients. I write emails, blogs, craft copy for landing pages, case studies, social posts, anything really – you name it, I’ll write it!

I started at Growthlabs two weeks before the nation was sent into lockdown, so my first few months in this role were certainly a little different than what I expected!

Before life at Growthlabs, I was a Marketing Executive for Baxter, a global healthcare company. I gained some great experience creating marketing materials that were used company wide.

What have you enjoyed most about your role at Growthlabs so far?

I really love that I have so much more freedom when writing content now! I can experiment with new ideas, adapt my writing style to each project and write about loads of different topics thanks to the varied nature of our clients.

What’s your favourite part about being a copywriter?

I’d have to say having the ability to influence readers and invoke feelings that compel an audience to act. I get to create exciting headlines that attract attention, weave in emotive copy that’s specific to the audience, and genuinely have fun with the content I produce.

What’s the secret to creating engaging copy?

A great starting point is ensuring that you write with personality. No matter what I write, I know that if I sound inhuman or my content doesn’t match the tone of voice of a brand, it’s not going to resonate or engage an audience. I try to write copy that is accessible – speaking to a reader with the right tone and a personal touch is key to creating engaging content.

To ensure my content is engaging, I’m constantly thinking about the audience and how I can appeal to them. When considering the target audience, I’m always asking myself questions like:

  • Are they familiar with the topic?
  • What challenges are their pain points?
  • What are their objectives?
  • What tone of voice will resonate with them?
  • How can the content I’m writing provide value to them?

Having questions like these in my head helps me create the right type of content.

What keeps you busy outside of the office?

If the weather is on my side, you’ll find me exploring the great outdoors! I love hiking with my fiancé and regularly go on long walks down muddy paths in the woods. We’re also National Trust members and enjoy visiting elegant manor houses and wandering around picture-perfect gardens. The next adventure we have planned is to climb up Snowdon!

Our copywriter, Ed, wants to climb up Snowdon next year

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