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16 Sep 2021 | Growth Labs Team

At Growthlabs, we aim to work with companies and colleagues that share our brand values. We believe it’s key to have a shared understanding of the ways we work and what we pride ourselves in, no matter if it’s new businesses to work with or new starters joining the team.

Our values are at the heart of our brand and act as guiding principles for our everyday business activities – they determine our business strategy, identity, message and personality. To learn more about why your business needs brand values, click here.

Growthlabs Brand Values


  • We’re passionate about our ideas, identifying new and innovative ways to make an emotional connection with a target audience.
  • We are innovators, able to use different perspectives and information to identify scalable solutions.
  • We’re flexible, open to change and understand why it can be beneficial.
  • We develop recommendations after exploring options and the evidence suggesting which of these options work best.
  • We embrace constructive feedback, reflect on it and use it to adapt our approach.


  • We take responsibility, doing what we say – when we say we are going to do it.
  • We communicate effectively, building relationships and keeping stakeholders informed.
  • We actively listen to gain understanding, clarifying and questioning where necessary.
  • We recognise how our approach and attitude affects others.
  • We are pragmatic, accept collective responsibility and work as a team to reach our objective.


  • We are well prepared, plan carefully and consider consequences to manage risks.
  • We consistently use agreed business systems and processes.
  • We look for ways to increase efficiency and reliability through automation and streamlining our ways of working.
  • We present clear analysis and data to support our findings and recommendations.
  • We use software and analysis tools to help improve understanding.

The Growthlabs Mindset

In identifying these values, we considered what matters most to our brand, and in doing this it’s helped us understand what makes us different from other agencies out there. These three pillars form what we see as the basis to the “The Growthlabs Mindset.”

“We are ambitious and make a difference. We are risk-tolerant and learn quickly, redoubling our efforts to overcome obstacles or setbacks. We look at outcomes objectively and analyse them to increase our understanding, to adapt, and to improve performance.”

As a business, we believe that having a growth mindset is key, and it’s been essential to defining who we are, what we stand for, and why we do what we do, defining our values, strategy, and overall marketing activities.

If you’re looking to bring your brand values to life, speak to one of our marketing specialists today! Get in touch.

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