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Incorporating Social Media into your B2B Lead Generation Strategy


In 2024, social media is king. Love it or hate it, social media dictates a large chunk of lead generation efforts. The good news is that we at Growthlabs know how to help you leverage social media. It’s not just the sphere of B2C that can benefit from a solid social media strategy. B2B lead generation is increasingly using the power of socials. Things don’t have to be as high tech as AI lead generation and machine learning, a well optimised social media campaign will do! So read on to find out how you can broaden your reach, engage clients and drive high-quality leads.

Understand your audience

You must identify your target audience before you see success in your social media campaigns. If you aim for meaningful leads, you must appeal to decision-makers. Pain points are a big part of lead generation. You need to understand issues if you intend to fix them. Tools like LinkedIn are handy. This will offer detailed insights and professional backgrounds. This leads us to our next point…

Choose the right platforms

Not all social media platforms will be equally effective for your B2B marketing efforts. LinkedIn stands out as the premier platform for B2B due to its professional focus and extensive networking capabilities. Twitter can also offer the potential for lead generation. It can provide real-time updates and smaller soundbites. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube can be valuable if your strategy includes visually appealing content and videos. Choosing the right platform will allow you to stand out as lead generation specialists.

Leverage Social Media Advertising

Social media opens up a new world of advertising potential. LinkedIn ads can target professionals based on job title, industry etc. (linking back to our previous point). Each day 500 million tweets are created. Social media advertising helps your content to stand out from the crowd. The promotion of gated content also presents a challenge. Social media ads help shout about your webinars and white papers. It’s a shame for hard work to get swallowed into the void. Effective use of social media expands reach and captures those leads.

Growthlabs has an extensive PPC offering. This includes social media advertising optimised for lead generation. Take a look at our services page to find out more.

Utilise social selling techniques   

With over half the world on social media, any company would be remiss to sleep on social selling. Social selling is a way to connect with prospects and nurture leads. As a method, it allows companies to build trusted relationships and boost credibility. Social selling is a spectrum. It can mean galvanising sales teams in targeted lead-generation campaigns or encouraging team members to use Linkedin proactively. This can take the form of sharing relevant content and engaging in industry discussions. These efforts will help you build rapport with clients and increase your chances of conversion.

Growthlabs are experts at executing integrated campaigns. We use an omnichannel approach to marketing that guarantees results. Take a look at our integrated campaigns page to find out more.