Why Your Business Needs Brand Values

13 Oct 2021 | Growth Labs Team

Values should be at the foundation of every business

More and more consumers want to do business with brands that reflect their personal values. 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand, and it’s no surprise why: people like to work with and purchase from brands that they know, like and trust. 

But many brands aren’t giving their audience what they want – 40% of websites don’t discuss their values. This is especially concerning when you consider that your website is the central hub where your customers, shareholders, and employees all evaluate your brand. These stakeholders are looking for evidence that your brand’s values are aligned with theirs. Without brand values, separating yourself from your competition may be more challenging.

What are Brand Values?

Brand values are the heart of your brand; they are the beliefs that you stand for, the guiding principles that shape every aspect of the business. Brand values determine your brand’s identity, message and personality. These brand principles help develop your communications, actions, behaviours and brand narrative, creating consistency and familiarity, ultimately influencing how consumers view your brand. 

How Brand Values Support Your Team 

Developing brand values helps to communicate the essence of your business to all of your stakeholders, not just your customers. Your brand’s values act as a cultural glue that holds your team together and promoting desired attitudes. Ultimately, motivating your employees to work towards shared goals. They will even aid your recruitment efforts, helping you to attract top talent whose values align with your own.  

How Brand Values Affect Marketing 

The key to a successful marketing strategy is delivering consistent communications that are both authentic and unique to your brand. By building your brand values into your strategy, it helps to focus your marketing activities. This helps to align your brand’s mission with your audience, ultimately making your brand more memorable for your customers.  

Core brand values allow you to boost brand consistency across all marketing, communications and sales activities. These values create opportunities to build deeper relationships with your customers and target audience, in turn building loyalty and customer retention. 

Brand values also help you to boost your employee engagement, and can generate employee advocacy, which is incredibly important when you consider that leads generated through employee social media converts 7x more frequently than other leads. 

In Summary 

Developing and communicating you brand’s values is essential. All businesses need to align marketing communications and stand out by defining who you are, what you stand for and why you do what you do.  

Identify what matters most to your brand and how you want your customers to perceive it. Knowing your business’ values and core beliefs will help you to recruit the right people, attract your ideal customers and also stand out among your competitors.   

Looking to bring your brand values to life? Speak to one of our marketing specialists today! 

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