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Audience Research

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Unlock the door to your audience

Get to know your customers with our audience profiling and research services.

When it comes to planning, defining your target audience is crucial. We assist you in gaining insight into consumer behaviours, interests, and demographics.  Knowing this will allow you to target your customers with precision.

Define your audience

We conduct consumer research to understand who your customer base is, what their needs are, and any seasonal demands.

We will help you discover your buyers’ behaviours, interests, demographics and more, so you can accurately target them.

Data acquisition

Once you know who your audience is, it is time to build a data set of those people.

We build an up-to-date prospect database for you using the latest technology, AI, and data validation tools. This data is then used across a number of platforms to develop marketing campaigns on channels including social, email and digital advertising.

Buyer personas

We delve deep into your target customer base and create personas and profiles to give your customers a face and a name.

We offer insights into who they are and where you can reach them; their demographics, behaviours, and what really matters to them.

Targeted messaging

We tailor your marketing communications to engage your audience and help you connect with them in a way that builds your brand’s tone of voice.

We’ve worked across many brands all with their own unique voices. We’ll work with you to craft a message that resonates with your audience.


Empower your marketing

Unlock your audience’s potential with our targeted profiling and research services.

We delve deep into consumer behaviours, interests, and demographics to craft connect and engage strategies.

Our custom buyer personas are meticulously designed to reflect your target customers’ characteristics, behaviours, and goals, enabling your brand to genuinely resonate with its intended audience.

This precision approach ensures your marketing efforts are directed accurately, enhancing engagement and fostering meaningful connections.


Demographics, geographics, psychographics, behaviourals

Buyer personas are a powerful tool, making it easier to visualise how to reach your audience effectively. We craft semi-fictional profiles specific to your business considering factors such as industry sectors, job titles and challenges they are seeking to overcome with your service or product.

Once we understand your target audience, we analyse their potential and create a comprehensive database of individual target prospects using the latest technology. This valuable data can be used across various platforms, enhancing your targeting capabilities.

Next, we focus on perfecting your messaging. Our expertise spans years of tailored messaging across multiple industries and platforms. We know just how to make your message resonate with your audience.

Empower your business with effective audience profiling and research.

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