Growthlabs Isuzu Trucks UK Testimonial


The Challenge:

Isuzu Trucks UK is the UK distributor for the leading Japanese manufacturer. Their challenge was low market share and brand awareness. The impact was less new business enquiries and the subsequent damaging impact on sales, revenue and profitability.

The Solution:

Isuzu urgently required an effective marketing programme that would drive relevant traffic to their website. The solution must capture and convert these enquiries into truck sales and revenue. Marketing initiatives must dramatically bolster market share, brand awareness and continually perform – even in challenging commercial environments.

The Results:

Over the last two years, Growthlabs have delivered a highly effective marketing programme that has had dramatic impact. It has enabled Isuzu to:

  • Significantly increase revenues, making 2018 their most successful ever year.
  • Enjoy yet more continued growth in 2019.
  • Increase both sales and market share, even in difficult trading environments.

Since 2017 Growthlabs as part of their Isuzu marketing programme have:

  • Designed and built a comprehensive website to showcase the Isuzu truck range and capabilities.
  • Implemented digital paid advertising campaigns that drive relevant traffic to the website.
  • Optimised the website to increase organic web traffic and site rankings.
  • Optimised the website user experience using compelling calls to action and human interaction (via LiveChat) to convert web visitors into enquiries.
  • Ensured that Isuzu meet the requirements of the GDPR regulations as well as their internal data protection standards and policies.
  • Continuously monitored and managed website and marketing performance to optimise results.
  • Made recommendations for new marketing initiatives.

The Growthlabs relationship with Isuzu has continued to develop. We are currently exploring how the same approach that has demonstrated such success in search marketing can also be used to generate returns across social channels.

If you would like to learn more click in the Isuzu Trucks UK Case Study or get in touch with Growthlabs.


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