Case Study: Isuzu

Isuzu Trucks UK are the distributors for the leading Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer. The Isuzu range of commercial vehicles operate in 130 countries around the world with a 100-year track record. All Isuzu trucks built for the UK market are manufactured in Japan and assembled near Verona, Italy.

James Emberson joined Isuzu trucks after working at a number of leading agencies. As UK Marketing Manager, James had an urgent task to increase the brand awareness of Isuzu in the commercial vehicle sector. He needed to drive new opportunities with fleet purchasers, and also to increase the support that the network of dealers received from the central Isuzu Trucks UK marketing activity.

Without a large internal team, James needed specialist digital marketing expertise to help him to develop an effective marketing programme. After reviewing a number of agencies, James chose Growthlabs as they clearly demonstrated their capability, understanding of his objectives and ability to engage his target audience.

The first phase of the project was to redevelop the Isuzu Trucks UK website with a high standard, modern design with flexible infrastructure that would enable further evolution over time.

James commented

“I was inundated with agencies wanting to help us with the website redesign but the Growthlabs focus on lead generation was very different from most of those that we spoke to. The other agencies wanted to make things look flashy, but none were focused on how that would turn into generating leads and enquiries. The integrated approach that Growthlabs showed us was very compelling.”

Growthlabs completely re-designed the Isuzu website to integrate with the marketing activity planned for the business and built the new site within the anticipated project timescales and budget.

The revised website design showcases the Isuzu products, and also focuses on ease of use and user experience. Multiple calls to action and Managed Web Chat (delivered by Growthlabs) ensure that the website is actively generating new leads from web visitors.

Growthlabs have worked closely with James to provide expertise, advice and support around the full range of digital marketing channels that were necessary for him to build a strong brand identity and fulfil the business objectives. As well as the website this has included Managed Live Chat, Pay Per Click Advertising, Copywriting, Design, Data, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation.

“The team have been really good and put in some really good ideas, the Live Chat has been brilliant and really helped us to get value from the website and our marketing. It converts web traffic into enquiries – quality opportunities that turn into truck sales!

We are generating a lot more leads; helping us achieve our best sales quarter ever. Within the wider Isuzu business, there is now a high level of confidence in the contribution marketing makes to achieving sales. The dealers are delighted with the enquiries that we pass on to them.

Our relationship with Growthlabs continues to develop – we are open to their ideas and are now exploring some new avenues with them so that we can continue to grow with their support.”

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