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Full Metal Finance (FMF) is the fastest-growing independent finance provider in the country. Their team has many years of combined experience in the construction industry, so most of their deals are for companies in construction; however, their portfolio stretches much further than just a single industry. Their devotion to providing excellent service sets them apart from their competitors, as shown by their five-star Trustpilot reviews.


As FMF was experiencing substantial growth, they wanted to review their branding moving forward to ensure consistency in their messaging.


We were initially tasked with a complete brand redesign, including logo development, brand guidelines, and new stationery (business cards and email signatures). On completion of the brand redesign, FMF decided to pursue further marketing activities with us to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy. The strategy involved email marketing campaigns, social media management, content marketing and paid social advertising. Additionally, FMF needed a finance guide tailored to the construction financing industry and a new website that reflected the updated brand identity and a user experience refresh.

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Open Project
Brand redesign

As FMF was on a rapid growth trajectory, they wanted to keep their branding consistent going forward.

We worked with FMF to create a visual identity that resonates with their target audience and reflects their core values.

We started by developing a new logo that captured the essence of their identity, based on their values of reliability and professionalism. We then went on to craft comprehensive and clear brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, including typography, colour palette, imagery and tone of voice.

We also went on to implement new designs for various collateral materials, such as business cards and email signatures, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across all communications. FMF now proudly showcase a refreshed brand identity that sets them apart from their competitors and sets a strong foundation for them going forward.

Paid social

We created compelling ad creatives that captured the attention of FMF’s target audience.

We worked closely with FMF to understand their PPC goals and target market, allowing us to develop a strategic approach to increase their brand awareness and drive more traffic, moving their audience further along the sales funnel. Our ad creative videos were generated from scratch, composing messages that resonated with their target audience and showcased their unique value proposition.

Through a combination of appealing visuals, copy, effective calls-to-action, and closely monitoring performance, we successfully captured the interest of potential customers and encouraged them to take action, proven by taking their Meta Ads from set up to achieving 563,718 impressions and 4504 clicks with a limited budget over a two-month period.

What We Made


Brand redesign

After consulting with FMF about their branding needs, we provided them with numerous options for their logos, brand guidelines and stationery to choose from.


Collaborated with FMF to generate visually appealing imagery, engaging copy and social calendars with a content pillar strategy.

Web development

Developed a visually engaging website, significantly improving the user experience (UX/UI) and optimisation to boost their conversion rate.

Paid social

Created compelling ad creative videos from scratch and implemented a broader strategy of increasing brand awareness and driving increased website traffic.

Email and content marketing

Managing biweekly email campaigns to drive traffic and leads, as well as publishing biweekly blog articles to enhance SEO and website/brand credibility.


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