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Oleonix manufactures environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that harness the power of “Micriolysis”, their unique chemical process that uses the latest chemical technology to lift out dirt.


Their products are used in a wide range of industries because they’re capable of removing the toughest dirt and stains from all surfaces. As a result, their cleaning products reduce the need to purchase other products and significantly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning.


Our relationship with Oleonix was formed because they wanted to update their branding with the development of a new logo, brand guidelines, and more. Following the delivery of this project, we identified that their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), user experience and on-site conversion were not performing as well as they could, especially during the pandemic where face to face sales meetings were no longer possible. We helped Oleonix to identify the right areas to invest in and created a roadmap to deliver an easy-to-use website that was aesthetically pleasing and optimised for search engines to generate more traffic and better conversion rates.

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Open Project
Brand identity

Rebrand and renew

To create a strong brand identity, we worked closely with Oleonix to breathe new life into their brand. Our design team redesigned the Oleonix logo and supplied a number of variations intended for different purposes. To support the rebrand, we produced a full set of new brand guidelines which included clear guidance from our head of design regarding how the logo should be used, including colour palette and font specifications. To reinforce the new branding, we created a new business card design, letterhead and presentation template.


Website development

Once we’d confirmed the company’s goals, our design team and web developers collaborated to redevelop the website and bring new life to the brand. Our design team produced new imagery for the website. Oleonix needed the new images to illustrate to customers how their cleaning agent works differently from conventional agents when fighting dirt. Our design team created new images which showed this while also complementing the website’s theme and the brand’s new look.

When building the website, we focused on creating a simplified user experience for those visiting from computers, tablets, and mobiles. The existing content on the website was reviewed by one of our copywriters and updated to enhance the company’s tone of voice and ensure its messaging was clear to prospective customers. Next, our SEO specialist went through each page of the site and ensured that it was optimised for search engines, driving more organic traffic to the site.

Website and branding for cleaning products
Increasing visitors

Online traffic

Once we’d built the website, we set it up on Google Analytics to ensure we could track website traffic and continuously optimise the website based on this. Over 3 months after launch, we successfully increased incoming website traffic by 87%. Through website customer optimisation, SEO, a brand refresh, and an improved look and feel, we grew traffic and performance at a critical time for Oleonix. The Oleonix team noted increased traffic and a higher engagement rate on website pages following the campaign.


Growthlabs have been a pleasure to work with, displaying all the qualities you’d want from a marketing agency. They are very knowledgeable and clear in the way they communicate with us, providing regular updates to keep us in the loop. The team have professionally delivered a sophisticated website to replace our old one, along with an updated logo which looks superb. Overall, a great service.
Sean Millar
Director, Oleonix


Oleonix partnered with us because they needed a rebrand and a new website that showcased their cleaning products and attracted a higher volume of visitors.

Due to our SEO efforts, we were able to drive an 87% increase in website traffic in three months from the point of launching the new website. The Oleonix team were delighted with the new website and the increase in traffic. We are now looking to extend our partnership and have identified new channels for cost-effective lead generation.

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